Bridgestone Tyre Protection Plan

Wednesday, 12 August 2015 – We strive to put your safety above all else, and to provide you with a great drive at all times. That’s why, we’ve partnered with Bridgestone Tyres to offer you a free 24-month Tyre Protection Plan when you purchase any 4 Bridgestone tyres!


Terms and conditions:

1. All Bridgestone tyres purchased from and fitted by Regent Motors will be covered by the Tyre Protection Plan for 24 months from the date of purchase.

2. The Tyre Protection Plan covers damage to the tyre tread and sidewall caused by road hazards such as:
• Potholes
• Glass
• Metal
• Nails
• Wood
• Debris

3. In the event of damage due to road hazard, the damaged tyre will be replaced with a new tyre that is comparable to the prevailing price of the original tyre, minus the rebate amount.

4. Rebate amount will be calculated based on the remaining mileage and tread depth on the damaged tyre (refer to the table below) and will be determined by Regent Motors staff.

5. The Tyre Protection Plan does not cover damage due to:
• Any manufacturing defects
• Poor tyre maintenance
• Uneven tyre wear
• Vibrations or noises arising from or attributed to any of the tyres
• Criminal or malicious action
• Vandalism
• Improper use and maintenance
• Fire
• Theft
• Use in competitive sport or any race track
• Road accidents
• Spotting from improper transport or storage
• Repair by any party besides Regent Motors
• Mechanical defect of the vehicle

6. The Tyre Protection Plan is specific to the owner of the vehicle that the tyre is purchased for and is not transferable to any subsequent vehicle owner or another vehicle.

7. Coverage of the Tyre Protection Plan is limited to registered vehicles and can be used in Singapore only.

8. Coverage does not include vehicles that are registered for rental or leasing.

9. The damaged tyre must be presented to Regent Motors for claim purposes.

10. Any damaged tyres replaced by Regent Motors will become the property of Regent Motors.

11. The original Tyre Protection Plan certificate must be produced for claim purposes.

12. No cash will be paid for the rebate amount.

13. Regent Motors’s decision on the rebate amount is final.

14. The Tyre Protection Plan certificate issued on the purchase of a set of 4 new tyres must include the following details:
• Customer name
• Vehicle number
• Vehicle brand
• Vehicle model
• Vehicle chassis number
• Tyre brand
• Tyre model
• Tyre specifications
• Tyre serial number